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A Reel Good Time, Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer

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Ridiculous Fishing is everything the name promises and more.

You’ve probably heard of Ridiculous Fishing before because it’s gotten a bunch of awards, but if you haven’t, or haven’t tried it, then I suggest you do so now.  I admit the first time I played Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing I was too absorbed in Rymdkapsel to really give it a shot, but Laura surfing through my Android library started playing it, got me on board, and now I’m hooked.

Ridiculous Fishing - screen1Gameplay is simple, enjoyable and fast.  You cast, avoiding fish as your lure plummets as low as you can get it.  Then reel in as many fish and other sea creatures (avoiding jellies) as you can on the way back up.  For whatever reason after that the fish fly into the sky and you shoot them out of the air.  Tilt controls to either avoid or catch keep you focused and build up your skills, but the fish may as well fly up into a barrel for how easy they are to shoot.  Still I think it’s value added because as I imagine the game without it I miss it.  Catching fish earns you money that you spend to get better lures, more line, missiles, stuff like that; and catching a variety of ocean life opens new areas.  A round takes less than a minute but challenges you the whole time, and another serious plus is that the game loads right into playing; your first touch casts.  Which makes it ideal for playing in spare moments.

Try not to weep for the sea turtles, they probably had it coming.

Available for both Android and iOS.

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