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Chrononauts by Miller and Murphy

Lets not waste time. I could go on about how Chrononauts is essential time travel reading, how with this series Murphy and Miller can put their names next to Wells and Zemeckis, but I thought it might be easier to include this frame of a fighter jet whooshing past some dinosaurs.  I think that says […]

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East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

Dystopian Science-Fiction Western Comic Series East of West is that rare breed, elusive even among sci-fi westerns which are usually in space, of Weird-West and takes place right here at home.  The apocalypses has come, but not all the Horsemen are equally excited to bring about the end.  Death it would seem has some unfinished business. Written by Jonathan […]

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Sci-fi Under the Sea, Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini

In a sea of sci-fi, Low explores new depths. While my head is usually among the stars, it’s nice to imagine other worlds closer to home.  And where on Earth is more other-worldly than beneath the seas?  Now imagine you fast-forward a few millennia, we’ve never made it off Earth, we have to retreat under the waves, […]

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