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Why I Won’t Watch the Rouge One: a Star Wars Story trailer

Watching the whole trailer is like knowing the final score of the game before you see it. Yesterday at the comic shop it came up in discussion, yet again, that I don’t watch very many movie trailers for someone that rarely misses a new science fiction or super-hero movie. But that’s exactly why I don’t […]

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Burakku Majikku M-66 (Black Magic) by Masamune Shirow

Masamune Shirow’s earliest OVA is an underrated classic. In the wake of Ghost in the Shell it’s easy to pass over Shirow’s earlier works.  Appleseed has continued to grow as a series over the years, its latest installment Appleseed Alpha was as recent as 2014.  And the Dominion series had Tank Police Team Tank S.W.A.T. 01 […]

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy on Netflix – April 2016

There’s a of lot of great sci-fi and fantasy on Netflix this month, and I’m not going to point out every title, (I hope you already know The Princess Bride and V for Vendetta for example) but to point out a few you might have overlooked… Mr. Nobody (2009) The Machine (2013) Automata (2014) Europa Report (2013) […]

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