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For The Love of Running, Tracksmith

This last season my wife and I have fallen in love with Tracksmith, a runner’s apparel company out of New England (where we live) …[continue reading]

Sci-fi Under the Sea

Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini


The Comeback Sheep

Color Sheep Updated

And so the time has come to dust off your color mixing skills, or if somehow you’ve missed this gem, start mixing.  Just over …[continue reading]

Why Indie?

In the markets of tomorrow the most successful game development will be done by leaner and more sustainable practices …[continue reading]

The RTS You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For, Rymdkapsel by Grapefrukt Games

Finally the RTS mobile deserves. A game truly well designed for mobile is above all, lite.  Rymdkapsel floats.  Martin Jonasson who is Grapefrukt Games […continue reading]


The Real Heroes

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, but also Wednesday, and so I spent some time in the comic shop indulging in the long standing comic shop tradition of airing-of-grievances.  Comic shops tend to be a bit of a boy’s club, but I’ve never been to one that wouldn’t be ecstatic at the prospect of having more […]

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Alone by Laser Dog

I can’t stop playing Alone, it’s unmercifully fast, beautiful and addictive. The crisp look is matched with a deceptively simple challenge; slide up or down to move your ship, and don’t hit anything.  In addition to a sharp appearance it has a stellar soundtrack, but what makes Alone really stand out is just how absurdly fast […]

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Chrononauts by Miller and Murphy

Lets not waste time. I could go on about how Chrononauts is essential time travel reading, how with this series Murphy and Miller can put their names next to Wells and Zemeckis, but I thought it might be easier to include this frame of a fighter jet whooshing past some dinosaurs.  I think that says […]

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So Hip to be Square, Skala from Tenggrenska Studios

With a scalable square hero, size matters. A twist on the traditional runner you have to shrink yourself to fit between obstacles or grow large enough to cross gaps; as the levels progress you’ll have to be faster and nimbler to overcome.  Things get really tricky when you have to start using rapid scale changes […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner and a Movie

I hope you’re spending today with loved ones reflecting on all you have to be thankful for. Maybe you’re overflowing with gratitude, maybe you’re not, but it’s worth remembering that no matter how bad things might seem, they could always be worse; which means there’s always a lot to be thankful about!  And grateful is […]

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Tiny Guardians by Kurechii

A good twist for tower defense. You only have one tower to defend as she moves through the route of each level.  Your single tower is a summoner who you use to make a party of different heroes to defend you and to kill off the attacking monsters.  You start out with some basic archers […]

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