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Put Petal to the Metal in Real World Racing by Playstos

real-world-racing-bannerTop-down racing at its absolute best.

Just as advertised, Real World Racing lets you race on actual city streets captured from aerial photography all over the world.  You can amass a decent garage of cars, plus tracks in several major world cities.  Racing is tough, I’ve gotten stuck on a few tracks, but the challenge makes a win very rewarding.

Real World Racing was built by small Italian developer team Playstos who spent the last couple years devoting themselves to the title and it shows, they got everything right.  Racing mechanics are spectacular involving breaking, ebraking, drifting, and shifting.  Every car drives a little different as well so learning them adds to the fun.

By “everything” though, I don’t mean just the game mechanics, I mean the whole experience.  I reviewed another great top-down racer earlier this year, Mini Motor Racing, and I still recommend it, but Mini Motor Racing has cluttered menus and a lackluster soundtrack whereas Real World Racing boosts fluidity in the menus and an awesome original soundtrack by Alessio Giorgianni.

Get it from the official website and get a DRM free copy of the game plus a Steam Key.  Real World Racing has already been greenlit.

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