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The Best Mobile Racer, Mini Motor Racing [UPDATE]

Mini Motor Racing BannerReminiscent of micro machines and RC cars, there’s something about fighting for position, hitting the nos, and drifting your tiny race car that gets the blood pumping.

From Australian game developers The Binary MillMini Motor Racing is currently the best racing title on Android.  Reckless Racing 2 by Polarbit is a close contender with lots of car customization options, but the controls in Mini Motor Racing put it in the lead.  You get to pick from 5 control options; I prefer the Tank controls that play easy with both thumbs, but regardless of your choice the controls are responsive and layouts practical.

The soundtrack is nothing special and the menu system is a little too cluttered, but there’s still some impressive attention to detail like the headlights at night or the burnt rubber on the track.

Mini Motor Racing Screenshot 1

There are enough cars, upgrades and tracks to unlock to keep you racing for hours, and at less than a few bucks it makes a smart entertainment investment for those of us dreaming of the Grand Prix.

[UPDATE] Mini Motor Racing EVO is now on Steam.  EVO includes an in-game level editor to create your own tracks and with Steam Workshop you can share, download and rate other player’s creations.


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