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The West was Won with Mini-games, Ready Steady Play by Cowboy Games

ready steady play bannerInstantly classic collection of mini-games.

The Cowboy from Ready Steady Bang returns in this awesome, rumored to be growing, collection of mini-games.  This title keeps the clean minimal feel of its predecessor with brilliant animation that springs to life and gives playful personality to our hero.

The games capture the nostolgic feeling of simpler games of yesteryear, while being very modern with intuitive touch controls.  Each tests your reflexes in an endless challenge that is fun to shoot for a new high score on, or just idol spare time.

I recommend you pick it up in the mobile store of your choice, iOS or Android and get back to work on your quick draw.

Game_ShootingGalleryShooting Gallery

In the gallery you have to be careful to count your shots.  You need to swipe to reload your six-shooter and full reloads lead you to the real points.  Don’t shoot the women holding babies, and go for the bottles for the biggest points.  Also check out the achievements for some different challenges like “outlaw, score less than -200 or less”, that means shooting a lot of women holding babies, you monster.

Game_HobbyHurdles_2Hobby Hurdles

An endless platform runner where the cowboy on his trusty hobby horse jumps dangerous ravines, cactus, fences, and at your high score death, a grave marker.  The real trick is to land the edge at the end of a jump and get the barrel bonus that will launch you further when you blast off barrels.

Game_CoinShooterCoin Shooter

Similar to the shooting gallery, but here you have to juggle coins in the air.  Aligning coins with a single shot can combine them to build up silver and gold coins worth more for each shot, and it also means fewer coins in the air to keep track of.  There’s no reload bonus so I recommend reloading often.  And again check out the achievements for some additional challenges.

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