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Master the Quick Draw with Ready Steady Bang from Hover Studio

Ready-Stead-Bang bannerGet ready to test your reflexes in a gun dual to the death.

In reality Ready Steady Bang is much more lighthearted than all that.  A recently released video short (embedded below) shows you just the kind of humor you can expect from this Hover Studio title.

One touch game play; after the “ready, steady” there’s a “bang!” and the first to tap gets their shot off before they get shot.  Tap before the bang and you’re dead.

You can play against another person which has been a lot of fun for my girlfriend and I as we use it to settle disputes.  As an example, “I’ll bang you for who gets to pick dinner”.  Or you can play against computer cowboys who get faster draw times as you progress.

ready-steady-bang screen1ready-steady-bang screen2Along the way you unlock some cute animations of celebrating cowboys and others getting blown away but for me the real reward is in watching my draw time get faster and faster.

I’d rather pay $1 than have to skip ads between duels, and I feel like a passing tumble weed or something might spice things up.  Maybe an old west soundtrack like from Gunman Clive.  But all that aside, this is still a title worth checking out.

Available for phones and tablets pick it up at Google Play or iTunes.

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