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Take two and call me in the morning, Intake by Cipher Prime

I hope you like your shooterscreen1s with dubstep.

I got to play Intake earlier this year at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.  It was the most exciting thing I saw there and I’ve been anxious to play it again.  Today that wait is over, it debuted in a Humble Weekly Sale which also includes some other great titles like Splice, Auditorium and previously reviewed Pulse.  True to Cipher Prime style Intake is a visually stunning and absorbing experience combining music and play.   You shoot falling pills of a pair of colors, left click to shoot, right click to swap the color of your blaster.  If that doesn’t explain it watch the video at the official site and you’ll get it right away.  Fair warning; Intake quickly becomes a shooter for the gamer of considerable aim.  Regardless, at this price to pick up the whole Cipher Prime lineup of solid titles is a steal.

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