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Sensational, Pulse by Cipher Prime Studios

pulse screen 2Pulse is immediately immersive.

Sight, sound and touch are invited to play together in an incredibly rewarding experience.

Pulse can easily be classified as a rhythm game, your objective is to tap notes as the pulse moves through them, but it’s a serious upgrade to rhythm classics like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.

pulse screen 1

A most noteworthy innovation is incorporating different time signatures by changing the number of rings the pulse moves through.

In addition to clever, Pulse is beautiful.  Gameplay is incredibly clean and colorful; like a zen flower arrangement.  And like Cipher Prime Studio’s other projects Pulse must be heard, not just seen, to be believed.  Embedded below is the original sound track, but you can pick it up here.

Pulse is available for iOS, but it has also been released for Android in the Humble Bundle for Android 6.  So we can hope to see it in the Google Play store soon.

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