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So Hip to be Square, Skala from Tenggrenska Studios


With a scalable square hero, size matters.

A twist on the traditional runner you have to shrink yourself to fit between obstacles or grow large enough to cross gaps; as the levels progress you’ll have to be faster and nimbler to overcome.  Things get really tricky when you have to start using rapid scale changes to produce jumps and tumbles.

I really enjoyed this little mobile gem for a couple weeks, my only real criticism is that I would love more of it.  You can play the first few worlds for free, and a few bucks will unlock the more levels, but it seems a shame not have an endless bonus mode or something similar.  And while the physics are a fun and novel approach, it feels a little flat to not include a bounce pad, a slide, or maybe a gravity toggle; any of which would open a ton of new puzzle options.  But still, this is a great title worth playing and I’m not one to begrudge the minimal approach to its design.  The music is great and the aesthetic is pleasing.

From Tenggrenska Studios on Android and iOS.

skala shot 1

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