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Dreamcatcher is a dream journaling mobile application designed to intervene on two primary dilemmas of losing dream recall; invasive documentation methods and consistency in documentation…[continue reading]

For The Love of Running, Tracksmith

This last season my wife and I have fallen in love with Tracksmith, a runner’s apparel company out of New England (where we live) …[continue reading]

Sci-fi Under the Sea

Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini


The Comeback Sheep

Color Sheep Updated

And so the time has come to dust off your color mixing skills, or if somehow you’ve missed this gem, start mixing.  Just over …[continue reading]

Why Indie?

In the markets of tomorrow the most successful game development will be done by leaner and more sustainable practices …[continue reading]

The RTS You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For, Rymdkapsel by Grapefrukt Games

Finally the RTS mobile deserves. A game truly well designed for mobile is above all, lite.  Rymdkapsel floats.  Martin Jonasson who is Grapefrukt Games […continue reading]


Why I Won’t Watch the Rouge One: a Star Wars Story trailer

Watching the whole trailer is like knowing the final score of the game before you see it. Yesterday at the comic shop it came up in discussion, yet again, that I don’t watch very many movie trailers for someone that rarely misses a new science fiction or super-hero movie. But that’s exactly why I don’t […]

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Click, Click, DOOM! Six-Gun Gorilla by Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely

Welcome to the new frontier, they call it “The Blister”. Sometime in the 22nd century, mankind has been fighting a civil war over what’s left of the fertile land on a far off post-apocalyptic planet.  Watching the tide of the war shift one way or another is a great source of entertainment back on Earth, but […]

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For The Love of Running, Tracksmith

This last season my wife and I have fallen in love with Tracksmith, a runner’s apparel company out of New England (where we live). The weather changes dramatically through the year here, and being a runner is a challenge that demands something like obsession if one is going to run consistently.  Tracksmith has embraced that obsession […]

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Gone Camping

Sorry there’s no post this week, I’ve gone camping instead.

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A Glimpse of Yesterday’s Future in Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

I’ve reread Snow Crash dozens of times because it’s just that good. I’m sure most cyberpunk fans are already familiar with the title, but any fan who hasn’t read it would be remiss to skip this groundbreaking and genre-defining masterpiece.  It’s become something of a grandfather in cyberpunk, one of the first on the scene. Nowadays […]

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Rated M for Mature?

Maturity should be measured by more than sex and violence. I started writing this post because this week the AARP reported that there are over 40 million gamers over the age of 50 in the United States.  I was all ready to rant about how we need games that are mature because they are provocative, complex, and […]

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