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Cultivate New Worlds, Walking Mars by Tiger Style

Walking Mars is an amazing tale of discovery. What strikes me most about Tiger Style’s title is that the story more than anything keeps you playing, like the SNES RPGs I played as a kid.  Only in Walking Mars, the graphics aren’t grainy pixels, but beautiful (and accurate) portraits of our neighboring planet. You play Liang, a […]

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Take Off with Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick

For me it started with the Rocketeer, but later there would be Jonny Quest, James Bond in Thunderball and many more.  However it started for you, I’m sure we have in common a love of Jetpacks. Who can’t help but desire the freedom and exhilaration of jetting off into the skies?  Jetpack Joyride from Halfbrick […]

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