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For The Love of Running, Tracksmith

tracksmith-athletic-gearThis last season my wife and I have fallen in love with Tracksmith, a runner’s apparel company out of New England (where we live).

The weather changes dramatically through the year here, and being a runner is a challenge that demands something like obsession if one is going to run consistently.  Tracksmith has embraced that obsession with genuine respect for the true spirit of running.  They make the best performing running clothes I’ve ever tried, and usually they have a perfect timeless aesthetic that seems at natural as running itself, (I can live without the relay singlets).  But well beyond clothes they are fostering a culture around the genuine love of running to overcome oneself.  You’re not going to see an aggressive mentality of being the best, just the gear and support to be your best.  They prove their devotion with events like a Boston Marathon Shakeout Run with Bobbi Gibb, or this summer they gave away $250 credits to runners who set new personal records, including yours truly.

Maybe you don’t live in New England and you don’t need four seasons worth of running clothes, but I still recommend you check them out, maybe just for the inspiration.


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