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Men Who Wear Many Hats Interview with Ryan Wiemeyer

The full transcript is below, but here are the main points: The Men Who Wear Many Hats are responsible for indie instant classic Organ Trail Director’s Cut.  The game is available on virtually every platform, has over a million players, and exceeded its Kickstarter goal by 500%. The game succeeds by being a combination of things people love; zombies and nostalgic game play. […]

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Mow a Bloody Swath, Organ Trail Director’s Cut

I have mixed feelings about the whole bit-revival thing.  Most of it seems to be nostalgic throwback garbage.  However, Organ Trail Director’s Cut succeeds by going beyond bit-revival, to bit-undead. Produced by Chicago based indie studio Men Who Wear Many Hats, this old school style game tugs on all the right childish heartstrings while having grown up to maturity. […]

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