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Click, Click, DOOM! Six-Gun Gorilla by Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely

gorillaWelcome to the new frontier, they call it “The Blister”.

Sometime in the 22nd century, mankind has been fighting a civil war over what’s left of the fertile land on a far off post-apocalyptic planet.  Watching the tide of the war shift one way or another is a great source of entertainment back on Earth, but that’s all about to change when a librarian with a death-wish encounters a rouge silverback gorilla gunslinger.

By now any regular reader will recognize my love of lo-fi science fiction and pulpy westerns, particularly when you can get them together, and Six-Gun Gorilla does it perfectly.  It would be easy for this concept to come off incredibly campy, the title character is a reflection of 1930’s pulp serial after all (which you can read here).  But, Jeff Stokely masterfully draws the bizarre writing of Simon Spurrier to create a short series that despite its outward absurdity is actually quite a dramatic tale with a lot of heart.

boom21This is an unquestionably unique read that shouldn’t be missed by any fan of westerns, sci-fi, or gorillas.

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