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Rated M for Mature?

M_Mature_ESRB-e1383852228968Maturity should be measured by more than sex and violence.

I started writing this post because this week the AARP reported that there are over 40 million gamers over the age of 50 in the United States.  I was all ready to rant about how we need games that are mature because they are provocative, complex, and concerned with serious subject matter, instead of just nudity and gory murder.

Before I got started however, I found this article detailing Miami University professor Bob De Schutter’s GDC Talk about the implications of an aging player crowd.  And he’s really saying everything I wanted to, but more eloquently, and with slides.  So instead of ranting I’ll steer you towards reading it.  Older game players, take heart!  Game makers, take note!



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