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Fight for Pixelated Justice Against, The League of Evil by Ravenous Games

League of Evil BannerThe League of Evil does it right by keeping it simple.

Retro styled with pixel graphics, a chiptune soundtrack and simple attack or jump controls, League of Evil is a solid platformer with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Ravenous Games has bolstered the title with modern adaptations like the double jump, air attack, and wall hanging that give it an acrobatic edge.  If you’re really looking for a challenge then you can try to get all the stars by beating the levels in speed runs, there’s an awesome ghost feature for that in the options.  There’s also a buncha enemies and 150+ levels so it can keep you busy for a while.

You can get League of Evil on iOS where it’s becoming a series, or play it on Android via a port by Noodlecake.


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