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Gyro, Submachine Factory

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Gyro is a pleasing mobile diversion; clean, simple and challenging.  A very minimalist game, nothing about Gyro seems extraneous or out of place.

Your task is simple: turn a three-color wheel to align colors with incoming projectiles.  Gotta love a game that you only need one finger to play.  As your score increases so does the challenge with more projectiles, increasingly complex patterns, and status effects to your wheel.  Occasional projectiles have beneficial effects like a temporary shield or slowing down time.  Recent updates also include game options like time attack, challenges, and a hardcore mode.

Perhaps the best feature though is for the classic arcade mode where you have the ability to restart from a checkpoint (your last score minus a minute or two of play).  This insightful feature allows you to pick up the challenge where you left off without having to play through from the beginning every time.  Which means that every play is at a level appropriate to your improving skill.

Free to try and only a couple bucks to remove ads and unlock all the game modes makes Gyro an obvious choice for your Android device.

Gyro screenshot 2Gyro screenshot 3Gyro on Google Play

Developed by Submachine Factory

Published by Vivid Games

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