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Feeling Optimistic About the Future of Indiana Jones [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] A couple day’s after I wrote this, Schoenmaker updated his site with some more Indiana Jones sketches.  See them here.

FYI: Disney got marketing and distribution rights for Indiana Jones yesterday.

I figured when Disney acquired LucasArts last year that it would be the end of Indiana Jones given the stalemate over marketing and distribution with Paramount.  After Crystal Skull sucked so much I honestly hoped it was over and one of my heroes would be allowed to rest in peace without further tomb raiding.

On the other hand, I remember thinking around that time that what would be great would be an Indiana Jones animated series.  What looks ridiculous and over the top in live action (like the horrible scene where Mutt is vine swinging through the jungle) works just fine when it’s a cartoon.  After all, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Clone Wars a hell of a lot more than Episodes I-III.  Plus my favorite Indiana Jones adventures aren’t in film, they’re from the novels written by Rob MacGregor and Max McCoy.  So an animated series covering those adventures would be great.  And who has better animation studios than Disney?  Could be a match made in heaven, assuming they get Patrick Schoenmaker involved.

It was a couple months ago I came across the Indy work done by Schoenmaker and it speaks for itself.  Who could be better suited?


I would also go for a followup animated series rebooting the Young Indiana Jones Adventures.  I just really hope we don’t get some half finished sidequest story focused on Mutt or something all Tron: Uprising style.  Or another screw up like Crystal Skull.  But while we wait to hear exactly what Disney will do with their new marketing and distribution rights, I’m hoping for the best.

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