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Deceptively Simple, Coins by Monosynth Games

coins bannerCoins is a moment of Zen, followed by a furrowing of the brow.

A simple and beautiful puzzle game, Coins challenges you to arrange tokens in a leapfrog like fashion where a coin can only be placed near two others, and your score is determined by the number of moves it takes you to match the pattern.

The growing challenge makes this game a little less peaceful than it appears.  You’ll most likely fly through the first few levels enjoying the relaxing zen theme and music, only to find yourself stumped by a new complex pattern or trying to complete a level in the minimum of moves.  Ideal for mobile it’s available on Android, or you can play it online Kongregate.

coins screen 2

Not a lot can be said about the developer Monosynth, who’s website appears to have gone unrenewed.  A little digging suggests that they were a two man team out of Canada, Zander Milroy and Tim Dresser.

Regardless of what we may or may not be able to expect from Monosynth in the future, Coins is worth picking up for the casual mental challenge.

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