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Get Down with Bit.Trip Beat by Gaijin Games

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Pong worth listening too.

What can I say about Bit.Trip Beat?  I like playing it even though I suck at it.  The music is awesome.  Its got retro simple play.  There are some neat graphics going on in the background.  And the boss fights are pretty epic.

The controls are just like Pong, you tilt to move the wall around and try to deflect bullets.  You can play it mobile but I preferred the PC controls.  The sensitivity seemed off when playing it on my Android.

There’s only three levels/music-tracks so play through is pretty quick.  But mastering the game seems impossible.  I don’t think there’s ever a chance of my personally getting a perfect scores on any level.

Bit.Trip from Gaijin Games is available on a bunch of platforms; SteamGoogle PlayiTunes, and WiiWare.  Good luck.


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