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Tiny Thief by 5Ants Steals the Show [UPDATE]

I’ve really missed graphic adventure games.

When I was younger in the late 80’s early 90’s adventure games had their day in the sun.*   There are so many classics like Day of the Tentacle, Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but what I love most about Tiny Thief is how it brought me back to one of my all time favorite games The Secret of Monkey Island.  Let me count the ways;

Tiny Thief Banner

  • Hero can obviously hold their breath for 10 minutes
  • Steal a valuable idol
  • Carnival of the Damned
  • Shot out of a cannon
  • Able to sequester large items in small pockets
  • More than a few monkeys
  • Islander cannibals
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor

In a nutshell, Tiny Thief by 5ants is a story of a young thief who robinhoods his way through the kingdom, steals the heart of a princess, and goes to rescue her from evil knights.  To play you point and tap your way through puzzles.  If you really need them there are even hints, but beating the level is usually straight forward enough.

Something has to be said for the art which is adorable and makes this a real storybook adventure.  Time and and attention to detail obviously went into the graphics and animation.  The music could have used a little more attention considering, it feels a little repetitive.  Otherwise, this is a flawless little adventure I really enjoyed.

You can play it mobile from either Google Play, or iTunes.  Remember to be nice to the monkeys.

Here in the west anyway, apparently adventure games still make up a big chunk of PC games in Japan.

UPDATE – Price on Tiny Thief now a super steal, just dropped to a dollar.


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