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Tiny Guardians by Kurechii

tinyguardiansA good twist for tower defense.

You only have one tower to defend as she moves through the route of each level.  Your single tower is a summoner who you use to make a party of different heroes to defend you and to kill off the attacking monsters.  You start out with some basic archers and knights but as you progress you’ll unlock more advanced classes like paladins and berserkers.

gif_rogueThe art is phenomenal, the soundtrack is pretty spot on, but the controls can be a little frustrating at times when there’s a lot going.  It can be hard to tap the character you want in a mob of action, especially playing on smaller screens.

Tiny Guardians is a tough game, even as a veteran of tower defense I found some levels hard and some challenges near impossible.  So if you’re not up for a challenge this might not be the title for you.  If however you’re looking for a new challenge after Kingdom Rush, Tiny Guardians is the best I’ve played since and easily worth the couple bucks.

Find it on iOS, Android, and even Steam!



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