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Get Cyberpunked in Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes

Shadowrun bannerDown a dirty twisted alley shrouded by the shadows of skyscrapers so tall they blot out the sky and illuminated only by neon advertisements is a door hidden among the filth of an overflowing dumpster.

Behind that door and its many locks is a cyberpunk throne room where in dark congress sit the likes of Blade Runner, Total Recall and Akira.  Joining them is Shadowrun Returns.

Unlike my other childhood loves that have been butchered in new releases, (I’m looking at you LucasArts) Shadowrun Returns is true to its roots and a worthy addition to the genre.  It has all the gritty isometric glory of the classic SNES game updated with modern graphics, audio quality and best of all, an impressive level editor.  As a veteran of the pen-and-paper Shadowrun RPG the ability to craft my own campaign or play someone else’s is a dream come true.

You can play Returns on the tablet of your choice but I recommend playing it on PC.  Also, look for the expansion Shadowrun: Dragonfall scheduled to release this month from Harebrained Schemes.

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