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Swallow the Universe in Osmos by Hemisphere Games

osmosis bannerThe beauty and simplicity of Osmos is incredibly absorbing.  

The award wining music is ambient and mellow, the mechanic is elementary and enjoyable, the controls are intuitive.  Easily one of the best mobile games to date.

You play as a mote.  Are you a cell?  A galaxy?  Doesn’t seem to matter.  You can shoot bits of your mass to move around, you collect more mass by absorbing other motes.  Some of them fight back, others run from you; but there’s plenty of company in the void.

Level objectives vary and there are a few types of play:  become the biggest, absorb specific motes, eat everything, stuff like that.  There’s a kind of progressive play called “odyssey” or you can tackle randomly generated levels in arcade which makes Osmos almost endlessly re-playable. Multiplayer has also been recently added for either local or online.

Pick up Osmos for your PC, Mac, or Linux directly from Hemisphere Games or on Steam.  I recommend you play it mobile though, in which case grab it at Google Play or iTunes.

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