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Cut a Bitch Throughout the Metal Slug Series on Android

Metal Slug 2If you haven’t been playing the Metal Slug series for nearly 2 decades already then I’m sorry, you’ve been missing out.

But now is your chance to play (or replay) one of the most legendary videogame collections of all time, because a big chunk of the series has been ported to Android.

If you have somehow gone unaware of Metal Slug until now then I’ll tell you what you need to know; it’s a solid platformer/shooter where you play one of the members of the Peregrine Falcon Special Forces Squad.  Your job is to rescue POWs by going into some pretty sketchy situations and killing just about everything that moves.  Along the way you regularly pick up the standard array of machine guns and flamethrowers, plus some really heavy hardware including mechs, planes, submarines, and of course the iconic tank, the Metal Slug itself.  I’ll admit that sounds grim but really the series is pretty funny playing off just about every action movie stereotype out there.  Did I mention when you get close to a guy instead of shooting him you cut him down in one blow?

metal slug screen1metal slug screen2Metal Slug screen3

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