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I’m Loving This Controller – Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

f710-gaming-gamepad-imagesThis controller is a serious game changer.

I know there are a lot of controllers on the market, and I’m really looking forward to Steam’s, but I use a lot of Logitech equipment so when I finally decided to invest in a controller for my computer this is the one I went with.  What surprises me is how great and different a lot of my favorite computer games are when playing with a controller.  I’ve kinda gotten away from consoles, but picking up a controller again felt like a handshake with an old friend.  A couple of examples worth mentioning that feel far superior are Real World Racing and Mark of the Ninja.  But the real glory is in the emulators.  I dip into the classics regularly with my tablet, but it’s the stuff of my childhood dreams playing them with a wireless controller on the big flat screen.  And trust me, go for the wireless.  It’s easily worth the extra cash.

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