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Requires a Circular Way of Thought, Duet by Kumobius

duet bannerDuet makes you feel like you can work around anything, with enough practice.

You are a pair of circles, seemingly floating in space.  Blocks hang, fall, slide, spin, even disappear later in the game, and you have to make it through without smacking into any of them.  Sounds straight forward enough, but no straight path will take you through safely.  In fact Kumobius claims success comes from keen radial perception, probably not your most developed ability.

Orbiting around blocks as you move, and they move, is pretty tricky; but Duet builds at a good pace, teaching as the challenge increases and leaving me at least, feeling a lot smarter for it.  One challenge later in the game I must have died maybe a hundred times, (I think I got an achievement for that) but as frustrating as it was to keep starting over there’s something magical in the game that I really wanted to keep trying.  You know you’re getting better as you play, practicing a new way of thinking and seeing with every attempt.

You eventually unlock an Endless Mode, and there’s a new challenge posted everyday.  Which means weeks later I’m still playing.

The last thing that has to be mentioned is the music by composer Tim Shiel that blends seamlessly with the clean minimal look of the game.  The music alone would be worth playing for, even if Duet wasn’t the amazing challenge it is.

Play it on your preference of mobile devices; iOS, Android

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