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Unwind with Dream of Pixels by Dawn of Play

DoP_Wallpaper_2560x1440A refreshing homage to Tetris.

There’s a lot of falling block games out there that add nothing worthwhile to the classic Tetris, but Dream of Pixels by Dawn of Play has a satisfying twist.  Instead of stacking blocks, you separate them.

The reversal of the classic makes the experience rather meditative.  You free the tetraminos to fall away and clear the screen.  Although the pace accelerates the longer you play, the graphics, music and effects keep it relaxed.  Even “waking up” (losing) is a soft fade to white and usually accompanied by congratulations or words of encouragement.

There are a few modes as well; deconstructing puzzles, and harder variations like “nightmare” where you merge isolated blocks racing against a timer.

If you love Tetris and want a new set of challenges, or if you’re just looking for a relaxing way to develop your mind, definitely play Dream of Pixels.

Available at both iTunes and Google Play.


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