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Clash of the Olympians, Better on Android

Clash of the Olypians bannerThe first time I played Ironhide’s Clash of the Olypains online I put it down almost immediatly thinking the mouse controls were just to annoying to be worth it.  Later they released it for Andriod and I’m glad I gave it another shot.

Clash of the Olypians heros

The whole game is dramatiacally better with tap and swipe controls.  Suddenly instead of limp spear tosses I’m nailing harpies out of the air at 100+ yards.  Becuase I wasn’t making it past the first couple levels with mouse controls I never got into the character leveling and diffrent styles of play between the three heros that really enhance the game.  Later levels have new enimies and attacks to defend so you have to stratigize how you level your hero if you’re going to save the day.  The increasing levels are at a nice grade, challenging without being impossible, and the whole thing is pretty humorous.  There’s just something pleasing about crushing a goblin with a Moai statue.

My only complaint is that I’d rather pay a dollar or two than have the banner advertisments.

Clash of the Olypians legendary tossing

I’ve mentioned Ironhide before for their tower defence masterpeice Kingdom Rush.

Clash of the Olypians on Google Play

Ironhide Game Studio

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